Thursday, June 30, 2011

Art For The Disney Parks and Marketing Dept.

Years ago in Orlando, I was fortunate enough to get a steady amount of freelance work for the Disney Parks. Below are illustrations from a wide variety of projects. 

(Fun fact: these (Illustrations were all done a few years back, and were all completed - rendering and all- with a friggin' MOUSE. Long before happier days with a Wacom Tablet, much less a Cintiq. This may account for years of nervous twitches and violent nightmares.)

You know how whenever you get off a ride, you very conveniently have an opportunity to buy a photo of yourself riding that same ride from 30 seconds ago? Well, those photos now usually have a character or two superimposed on them. I did a lot of those illustrations.  (The gentleman in the bench photos is not me, btw. I think he was the art director posing for reference. I cant remember.)

Stitch: The Ride

Various photo spots within the parks:

Disney Cruise Line Direct Mailer:

 Tokyo Disneyland Signage (the project required very pushed-perspective poses.)

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  1. Great stuff!!
    Were you required to draw with a mouse just because it was Disney? That's just evil, man.