Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Commercial Work-- Disney Parks and Marketing

Here's a bunch of additional work I did for various divisions of the Disney Company. Click to enlarge. 

"Safari Stitch" -- Disney's Animal Kingdom

Misc. Souvenir Photo Overlays

Custom Theme Park Maps

Disney Cruise Line Direct Mail:

Stitch: The Ride-- poster art 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Comic-Con 2011!

I'm taking this year off from the San Diego Comic-Con-- each year seems to get more and more packed, inaccessible, and claustrophobic.  But that won't stop me from doing a really stupid comic with lots of nerdy animation jokes to celebrate the event in my own little way.

Enjoy, and I'm sorry.

(Separated into 2 pages. Click each to enlarge)

Friday, July 1, 2011


Welcome to my shiny new art blog for your bookmarking pleasure! As I was setting this up, I wasn't necessarily posting work in chronological order, so your best bet might be to click under the "Categories" sidebar on the top right to see a specific area of art-ness.

Most of the work herein was created over the last year or so working in TV animation, and I hope to be updating this much more regularly than I have in blog days past. If I don't, I invite you to yell at me in the comment sections.

Thanks, and Enjoy!

The Mighty B! storyboard test

Below is the storyboard test I completed to land a freelance gig on the Nickelodeon's "The Mighty B!" (This board was not used in actual production.) I was pretty green when I took this test, but it was really fun to do-- I love working on crazy, funny, squash-and-stretchy stuff.

Mighty B! #1 by whitlockx on Scribd

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fairly Odd-Stuff

Title card for Nickelodeon's The Fairly OddParents episode, "Teacher's Pet." Concept by Butch Hartman, drawing by me, color by George Goodchild.

Obviously not part of a production, but a little Christmas e-card of narcissistic fairy Juandissimo that I did for the Fairly OddParents crew back in 2008: 

Reed Gunther Pin-Up

If you're not reading the best new all-ages comic out there right now, what's wrong with you?! Chris and Shane Houghton's Reed Gunther, published through Image Comics, is the last word in the bear-riding-cowboy-adventure-and-humor genre. Back before they were major league superstars, I got do draw a pin-up for one of their self-published titles. 

Disclaimer: I went with the Yogi Bear theme way before I knew about the craptastic CGI movie forced upon the world.

Art For The Disney Parks and Marketing Dept.

Years ago in Orlando, I was fortunate enough to get a steady amount of freelance work for the Disney Parks. Below are illustrations from a wide variety of projects. 

(Fun fact: these (Illustrations were all done a few years back, and were all completed - rendering and all- with a friggin' MOUSE. Long before happier days with a Wacom Tablet, much less a Cintiq. This may account for years of nervous twitches and violent nightmares.)

You know how whenever you get off a ride, you very conveniently have an opportunity to buy a photo of yourself riding that same ride from 30 seconds ago? Well, those photos now usually have a character or two superimposed on them. I did a lot of those illustrations.  (The gentleman in the bench photos is not me, btw. I think he was the art director posing for reference. I cant remember.)

Stitch: The Ride

Various photo spots within the parks:

Disney Cruise Line Direct Mailer:

 Tokyo Disneyland Signage (the project required very pushed-perspective poses.)

Illustrations For J-14 Magazine

Here are a few examples of the spot illustrations I just completed for the teen magazine J-14. These were done for their 'embarrassing dating stories' page. The deadline was quite tight, but overall, it was a really fun project to work on. It's not every day I get paid to draw puke (well actually, at Nickelodeon, it's every other day). Created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

The Mighty B! "Public Enebee" Storyboard

I had the great honor of splitting a storyboard with the unbelievably talented Eddie Trigueros on the cancelled-much-too-soon Nickelodeon show, The Mighty B! starring Amy Poehler.

Eddie did the first half, I did the second half, posted below:

The Mighty B! #2 by whitlockx on Scribd

Finally, here's a revised animatic clip of my half of the episode:

The Mighty B! "Public Enebees" Animatic Clip from matt whitlock on Vimeo.

(Title card artist and animatic revisionist unknown. Feel free to help me credit them in the comments section.) 
All work ©Viacom

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anti-Prop 8 Animation

Here's an animated short I did in the aftermath of California's discriminatory Prop 8 passage. Animation in Flash, design in Illustrator, voices done by myself in the garage... weirding out the neighbors. (2009)

Ant Run Cycle

Basic run cycle of an original character created in Adobe Flash and Illustrator. (2007)

Storyboard: Fanboy & Chum Chum, "Present Not Accounted For"

I created this storyboard for Nickelodeon's Fanboy & Chum Chum, episode 209, "Present Not Accounted For."

But first, some episode title cards by the amazing Steve Lambe.

Fanboy & Chum Chum #2 by whitlockx on Scribd

A small clip from the final animatic from the Frederator Blog: